Recent TikTok Dental Trends: What to Keep in Mind?

Photo Source- Pixabay Modern consumers love engaging with new people on popular social media platforms. One of the hottest social media platforms on the market is TikTok. Currently, over one billion people around the world use this app on a regular basis. TikTok is a video-based platform that allows consumers to share information in an engaging and entertaining way. While... read more »

What Will Make Your Orthodontic Care More or Less Expensive?

As soon as someone even thinks about getting their teeth straightened, one of the first questions that likely pops into their mind is, “How much will it cost?”  In all cases, the answer is “it depends.” Because every patient is unique, their orthodontic treatment has to be personalized in order to guarantee the best possible result, so there is no... read more »

When Are Braces a Better Option Than Invisalign?

Over the past few decades, the field of orthodontics has changed dramatically when it comes to the technology and techniques that orthodontists use on a daily basis. But, even among advancements like Invisalign and digital scanners, many patients’ best option is still traditional metal braces. Why is this the case? What would make braces a better fit for a patient... read more »

4 Interesting & Little-Known Facts About Braces

Are braces interesting? If you were to talk to an orthodontist, they could easily go on for hours about them, but just thinking about orthodontic care right now might have caused you to yawn. Braces actually have a long and fascinating history that most people don’t know about, and here are just a few fun facts you can share with... read more »

3 Ways to Make Your Invisalign Treatment as Fast as Possible

One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is that it makes the journey to a straighter, healthier smile as comfortable as possible thanks to the removable clear trays. But, what every patient truly wants is to reach the finish line as fast as they can. Thankfully, there are a few ways to speed things along, and they are all very... read more »

How To Make Sure You’re Wearing Invisalign Long Enough Each Day

One of the most important factors for patients going through Invisalign is to make sure that they wear their trays for about 20-22 hours every day, as this maximizes their ability to shift the teeth. While this sounds easy in practice, it can become a little tricky when real life gets in the way! Thankfully, a few basic tips can... read more »

The Dangers of “Mask Mouth” for People with Braces

Even though the year just started and we’re nowhere close to Halloween, you and everyone you know probably find themselves wearing a mask relatively often. While this is a proven way to protect everyone’s health during the ongoing pandemic, many people are having to deal with what dentists and orthodontists are calling “mask mouth” as a result. This poses a... read more »

Orthodontics Can Do Much More Than Straighten Teeth

A lot of people think of orthodontics as a cosmetic treatment, in that the reason most people get it is to straighten their teeth and make their smile more attractive. While the benefits of doing this shouldn’t be overlooked, orthodontics is actually able to accomplish much more than simply improving what you see in the mirror. In fact, it’s often... read more »

How to Find Dental Insurance That Covers Orthodontics for Adults

For a long time, orthodontics was considered to be something that only kids and teenagers went through, but today, roughly 25% of all orthodontic patients in the U.S. are over 18. That means if you’re hoping to straighten your teeth to improve your health and appearance, now is a great time to do it! Of course, the cost of treatment... read more »

5 New Years Resolutions for People with Orthodontics

And just like that, 2021 is out the door—bring on 2022! People have likely started asking you about your New Year’s Resolution, and if you haven’t come up with one yet, we’re happy to share a few ideas! For people with braces or Invisalign, a few small changes in the coming year can make a big difference for how their... read more »