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Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo and Dr. Betina offer lower expanders to help widen your child’s lower jaw. Like its counterpart, the palatal expander, a lower expander works to gradually widen the teeth and correct severe crowding before all the permanent teeth erupt. While a palatal expander is used on the upper jaw and dental arch, a lower expander is used on the lower jaw and dental arch.

Lower expanders are typically recommended when:

  • There isn’t enough space for all the lower teeth due to overcrowding
  • The back teeth are leaning in towards the tongue

Lower expanders also help eliminate the need for extracting permanent teeth or jaw surgery in the future.

When your child receives a lower expander, our orthodontists will attach the appliance to the inside surfaces of the lower teeth, beneath their tongue. Unlike a palatal expander, a lower appliance does not need to be turned, and once placed, it will work to gradually expand the lower jaw and dental arch. Expansion typically takes six months, and after it is completed, your child will receive a bottom retainer to help keep their teeth in place.

To find out more about lower expanders in Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark and Powell, Ohio, and to make an appointment with our orthodontists, give Shirck Orthodontics a call today!