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Does your child have a bad bite? Our orthodontists may recommend correcting it with a forsus appliance. Forsus appliances are designed to correct bad bites and improve the fit of teeth, with the ultimate goal of preventing the need for jaw surgery in the future.

Forsus orthodontic appliances are nonremovable and function similarly to an elastic in moving your teeth and jaws. They consist of a spring attached to the upper molars. These springs are usually placed on each side of the mouth and work to move your child’s jaw into an optimal bite position. Our orthodontists will typically recommend the forsus appliance treatment for teenagers and will provide this appliance within six months of your teenager beginning regular treatment with braces or aligners. Teens who receive a forsus appliance typically wear it for six to nine months, depending on the severity of the bite that needs to be corrected.

When your child receives a forsus appliance, they will likely feel some discomfort while their mouth adjusts to wearing the appliance. They should be able to speak and eat normally after this initial adjustment period, and as their treatment progresses, the appliance will gradually move their jaw into the proper position for a healthy bite.

To find out more about the forsus appliance in Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark and Powell, Ohio, and to make an appointment with Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo or Dr. Betina, give us a call today! The Shirck Orthodontics team is here to help!