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Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo and Dr. Betina may recommend a spring aligner to make minor adjustments to your teeth. This simple oral appliance may also be worn part-time as a retainer if needed.

Spring aligners are similar in appearance to Hawley retainers, consisting of wires placed into a plastic or acrylic base. These aligners clasp around the teeth to hold the appliance in place and are effective in making small adjustments, especially to moderately crowded front teeth. Our orthodontists will typically recommend a spring aligner if you have previously received orthodontic treatment and have just one or two teeth that rotated or drifted back following your treatment. Your aligner is created using a model of your teeth to ensure that it fits properly. You may experience some soreness while initially wearing the retainer — this discomfort should go away as your mouth adjusts to the appliance.

Spring aligners are worn almost all the time, only being removed for eating, brushing and flossing. When worn as directed by our orthodontists, adjustments made with a spring aligner can be completed quickly. After the adjustments are complete, you may continue to use your Spring Aligner part-time as a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting out of place again.

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