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You know the phrase “the early bird gets the worm”? The same can apply to your child’s smile. With two-phase treatment here at Shirck Orthodontics, our orthodontists will help your child’s teeth and facial structure develop properly and keep them healthy. So how exactly does two-phase treatment work? Let us break it down for you.

In Phase One, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo or Dr. Betina will check for overcrowding and see if your child’s upper and lower jaws fit together. If we see there are any discrepancies, we will start early orthodontic treatment to ensure your child’s jaws are positioned correctly so that your child’s teeth can grow in properly.

After Phase One, there is a resting period. This is where we wait for your child’s teeth to erupt and develop on their own. You will know if your child has had a successful first phase treatment if their teeth come in without any difficulties. During this time, our orthodontists will make sure to keep track of how everything is looking.

Once your child begins Phase Two, our orthodontists will evaluate their teeth to see if they are all harmonious with each other, along with the lips, cheeks and tongue. Then, we will place braces or recommend a different type of orthodontic treatment to make them shiny and straight.

Phew! We know that was a lot. Long story short, we want your child to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile with minimal problems to save you time and money in the future. To learn more about two-phase treatment in Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark and Powell, Ohio, and to schedule a consultation, please call Shirck Orthodontics.