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Will Dental Insurance Cover My Child’s Orthodontic Treatment?

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One of the biggest concerns parents usually have when they learn that their child needs braces has nothing to do with the treatment itself, but rather its potential cost. It’s no secret that orthodontic care can be quite expensive, but can you use dental insurance to help pay for it? Is the coverage different for braces versus Invisalign? How can you save if you don’t have insurance? Today, an orthodontist in Powell answers all of these questions and more.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces for Children?

As with anything that has to do with insurance, the initial answer is it depends. Every policy has different benefits, but generally, the majority of dental insurance plans will partially cover braces for a dependent under 19. Orthodontic coverage typically comes in the form of a lifetime benefit for each person on the policy, as in there is a lump sum of money that can be put toward orthodontic care, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Getting insurance to pay for braces that are intended to help a child eat and speak better is usually straightforward, but if the treatment is mostly for cosmetics, then some insurances may not want to pay.

What About Invisalign?

Invisalign is normally not covered by dental insurance because it is considered to be a more cosmetically focused treatment. However, some plans might help pay for it if a child’s orthodontist can show that Invisalign is necessary for a child’s health. When reading your policy, it likely won’t refer to Invisalign by name, so look for phrases like “aligner treatment” or “clear aligners” to see what type of coverage you have.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

For parents who don’t have dental insurance, or for some reason their dental insurance won’t pay for their child’s care, there are other options to help offset the cost and make treatment affordable. For example, at Shirck Orthodontics, we offer interest-free financing as well as a discount for payments in full at the beginning of treatment. Plus, we are one of the only practices where you can get braces or Invisalign for the same price, meaning you can choose the treatment that suits your child best without having to pay a premium.

No matter how you pay for orthodontic care for your child, the lifelong benefits will be well worth the price, and thanks to our multitude of options here at Shirck Orthodontics, we’re ready to take great care of your little one and your wallet at the same time. We’ll make sure your child’s new smile won’t cause your family any financial stress!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shrick is an award-winning orthodontist in Powell, and as a proud father of three, he understands just how important it is for orthodontic care to be affordable. That’s why Shirck Orthodontics is happy to accept all dental insurance plans and is an in-network provider for several PPO policies. To learn more about how we could use your insurance coverage to pay for your child’s care, or to discuss our 0% payment plans, contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.