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Have Fun with Braces Using WildSmiles!

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shutterstock_176265992For some children, wearing traditional braces is a difficult task. They may not like the way the braces look against their smile, or they may be self conscious over the fact they have to wear braces at all. Your child may want to personalize their braces by wearing different colored brackets, and others may want a design to fully express their personality. Luckily, Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is able to give your child the personalization they want with their braces by offering WildSmiles to his patients!

The reason why WildSmiles is so popular is because they are able to let our patient’s individuality shine through in their smile. Not only are you able to choose between flower, heart, soccer ball, star, football, and super diamond brackets, you are also able to have colored wires! This way, we are able to turn your smile with traditional braces from basic to awesome! With WildSmiles, your child can have fun expressing themselves through their smile while also getting the orthodontic treatment they need done.

The only things you have to do in order to have your WildSmiles smile is pick out which bracket design fits your personality best, set up a consultation with Dr. Shirck where he will be able to answer whatever questions you have, and then tell our office which shape you want in order to proceed with your treatment process! Straightening a smile has never been this easy and fun! If you are interested in WildSmiles, contact our office today, and we will be more than happy to help!

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