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Which Orthodontic Treatment is the Fastest?

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The world is becoming faster with each passing year due to technology, and fortunately, this progress can be seen in orthodontics as well. Thanks to advances in technology and techniques, the time needed to straighten the teeth and align the bite is perpetually becoming shorter and shorter. Of course, this begs the question, “Which orthodontic treatment is the fastest?” Your Powell orthodontist reveals the answer and also discusses why speed should not be your highest priority when it comes to orthodontics!

And the Winner Is…

Which orthodontic treatment leaves all others in the dust? It depends! While this answer is certainly unsatisfying, the truth is that the most efficient treatment depends on the specific needs of the patient.

For example, with children, metal braces in Powell are often the fastest. They can adjust the teeth and bite while also being able to adapt to their rapidly developing mouths. The average treatment time 15-18 months, but it can be as long as 24 months for surgical cases.

But, for adults and older teens, Invisalign is often the quickest choice. The average treatment time ranges from 12-15 months, though this is largely due to the fact that it’s often recommended for more mild cases.

What Determines the Speed of Orthodontic Care?

Often, what makes an orthodontic treatment fast or not has little to do with the method itself, but rather individual circumstances such as:

  • The Starting Position of the Teeth: Minor crowding can be corrected in a short amount of time, but if a patient has severe overcrowding and a misaligned bite, then their treatment will likely take longer compared to others.
  • Patient Compliance: The best way to keep an orthodontic treatment moving is to maintain your progress checks and follow your orthodontist’s instructions as closely as you can. This means avoiding foods that can damage an appliance and practicing consistent oral hygiene to prevent cavities.
  • The Experience of the Orthodontist: A specially-trained orthodontist will know how to move the teeth more efficiently compared to a general dentist who only occasionally provides orthodontic care.

Why There is No Need for Speed

While our team works hard to make sure our patients achieve their final results as soon as possible, it should be noted that going too fast when straightening the teeth can cause all kinds of problems. Rushing things can potentially damage the roots of the teeth as well as the underlying bone, which can lead to soreness, looseness, and even lost teeth! That’s why you should ALWAYs have your teeth straightened by an orthodontist—don’t trust doctors or services that guarantee results in a year or less without seeing you in person first.

At Shirck Orthodontics, we use the latest methods to deliver beautiful and lasting results in the most efficient and safe way possible. To get a more concrete idea of how long it will take to straighten you or your child’s teeth, we recommend coming to see us for a FREE in-person consultation. Thanks to our team’s dedicated training and experience, we bet we can get you over the finish line much faster than you expect!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is an award-winning children’s and adult orthodontist based in Powell. To learn more about you or your child’s orthodontic options and how long they might take, you’re always welcome to give him a call.