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What Will Make Your Orthodontic Care More or Less Expensive?

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As soon as someone even thinks about getting their teeth straightened, one of the first questions that likely pops into their mind is, “How much will it cost?”  In all cases, the answer is “it depends.” Because every patient is unique, their orthodontic treatment has to be personalized in order to guarantee the best possible result, so there is no set price for braces or Invisalign. However, there are a few key factors that can make orthodontic care more or less expensive, and knowing about them can help you better know what to expect walking into your initial consultation.

Orthodontist or General Dentist

These days, you can get orthodontics both from general dentists as well as orthodontists. Typically, choosing to visit an orthodontist is more expensive because the doctor has undergone years of additional training on top of dental school that solely focused on them learning how to straighten teeth.

For budget-minded patients, visiting a general dentist who offers braces or Invisalign might seem like the better choice, but there’s more to consider. With an orthodontist, the doctor will be able to better personalize a patient’s care, which can not only lead to a better result, but one that is guaranteed to last. You won’t receive the same quality of care from a general dentist, which can cause treatment to take longer or the teeth shifting later in life, meaning someone will have to spend more to get everything fixed down the road.

The Complexity of the Case

For some patients, they just have a few minor alignment issues in their front teeth that affect their smile’s appearance, and these are typically easy to fix with a relatively quick and inexpensive treatment. But, for patients with severe crookedness, crowding, and bite problems, their treatment will be more complicated and take more time, meaning it will cost more.

Insurance Coverage

Whether or not a patient has dental insurance can affect what they’ll pay out-of-pocket for orthodontic treatment as well, and the nature of that coverage can vary quite a bit from plan to plan. Some plans provide benefits for anyone who needs braces, while others only offer this for children. And, many plans will help pay for Invisalign, and many others will not.

The easiest way to get a concrete answer as to how much your orthodontic care will cost is to simply schedule a consultation with an orthodontist, and they’ll be able to outline the details of your treatment, including the price. During this appointment, the team will also discuss your insurance coverage and go over financing options so you can potentially pay over time with small installments.

Orthodontics is an investment, and orthodontists understand this. That’s why when you come in for a visit, you can trust that they and their team will be more than happy to help you put together a plan and ensure you can straighten your teeth without breaking the bank.

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Dr. Jeffrey Shirk has been voted as one of Columbus’ Top Orthodontists every year since 2011, and he has been an Elite Invisalign Provider since 2017. He understands that affordability is extremely important for his patients, which is why his practice accepts many dental insurance plans, offers 0% in-house financing, and also charges the same price for braces and Invisalign. Plus, you can get started by scheduling a FREE in-person consultation by clicking here.