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What Can You Do About Your Child’s Snaggle Tooth?

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As a parent, you never have a problem spotting your child, even if they are in a crowd or are running around a playground filled with other kids. In your eyes, they stick out for all sorts of wonderful reasons. While a unique personality is always a good thing, it’s not so positive when a single tooth sticks out in the smile. This is commonly referred to as a “snaggle tooth,” and in addition to causing obvious aesthetic concerns, one can also make a child more vulnerable to serious oral health issues down the road. Thankfully, your children’s orthodontist in Westerville can easily get your little one’s whacky tooth in line, and you can learn more about the process in today’s blog.

What Exactly is a “Snaggle Tooth”?

As you can imagine, the term “snaggle tooth” isn’t exactly in the textbooks. It’s simply a colloquial term for a single tooth that noticeably stands out in the smile, whether because it’s pushed forward, sits behind, or is rotated compared to the rest of the teeth.

What Causes a Snaggle Tooth to Develop?

Several factors can lead to a child developing a snaggle tooth, with the most common being:

  • The tooth has been pushed out of place because there isn’t enough room in the mouth.
  • An adult tooth has been thrown off course while erupting due to misaligned baby teeth.
  • Childhood habits have shifted the tooth, such as thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting.

How to Get a Snaggle Tooth in Line

Fixing a snaggle tooth is relatively easy for orthodontists, especially in children, as their teeth tend to move more quickly in response to treatment. Traditional braces and Invisalign can easily shift a troublesome tooth into the ideal position while also correcting more minor issues in the other teeth and bite to create a smile that looks great, functions perfectly, and stands out for all the right reasons (just like your child).

It should be noted that orthodontists typically cannot focus treatment just on a snaggle tooth, as moving one tooth will directly affect all of the other teeth. That’s why a complete set of braces or Invisalign trays is necessary, even if it seems like just one tooth is the problem.

 If you’re worried about your child’s snaggle tooth, then all you need to do is schedule an appointment with a children’s orthodontist in Westerville. They’ll outline a custom treatment plan, and once it starts, you and your child will start to notice that pesky tooth moving right away, giving you plenty of reasons to look forward to the final result!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is a board-certified, award-winning orthodontist based in Westerville. Over the course of his career, he has tamed countless “snaggle teeth” and helped patients of all ages achieve the attractive, uniform smiles they desire using both braces and Invisalign. To learn more about how he could solve your child’s problem, you can schedule a FREE in-person consultation by clicking here.