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Unlocking Your Perfect Smile: The Crucial Importance of Orthodontic Treatment

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When it comes to your smile, seeking the orthodontic treatment you need will not only improve your smile’s appearance, it will also protect your overall dental health. That’s primarily because crooked, spaced, gapped, turned, or misaligned teeth can be hard to clean and maintain and consequently lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay or even tooth loss.

Orthodontic problems can also cause abnormal wear on tooth surfaces, problems with speech, difficulty chewing, and damage to the temporomandibular joints (TMJ Disorder).  Malocclusions like protruding upper teeth can also increase the possibility of tooth fractures after a dental trauma.

You can prevent these problems from developing by making an appointment with one of our skilled dentists today for your orthodontic treatment consultation. Our Shirck Orthodontics team is proud to serve patients throughout New Albany, OH, Pataskala, Westerville, Sunbury, New Albany, Granville, Johnstown, Newark, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick, and the surrounding communities.

When Should You Seek Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child?

Since every child and diagnosis is different, there is no single answer to this question.  However, the American Association of Orthodontics strongly recommends that every child get an orthodontic evaluation by age 7, or sooner if an orthodontic problem is detected before then. In some cases, early intervention utilizing your child’s growth can make corrective orthodontic treatment both faster and easier.

When Should You Seek Orthodontic Treatment For Yourself?

It’s never too late! Orthodontic treatment for those with healthy teeth and gums can be successful at any age.  Many adults today are choosing orthodontic treatment to improve their smile and support good oral health. This promotes a more appealing smile and more confidence as their smile and body is healthier!

What Are Your Orthodontic Treatment Options?

Today, there are many different orthodontic treatment options available for patients of all ages. Our dentists are pleased to work with you to find the treatment that will ultimately work best for you (or your child). Your orthodontic options include:

Orthodontic Treatment Appointments with Our Orthodontic Team

If you or your children need orthodontic treatment, it’s important not to put it off any longer. Orthodontic problems don’t resolve themselves so they can only worsen over time. Early intervention can mean a less invasive and costly treatment. We welcome you to make an appointment for an orthodontic treatment evaluation with Dr. Shirck or one of our skilled dentists today. Shirck Orthodontics proudly serves people of all ages, from kids to teens and adults throughout New Albany, OH, Pataskala, Westerville, Sunbury, New Albany, Granville, Johnstown, Newark, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick, and nearby areas. We look forward to working with your family to create healthy, beautiful smiles!