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Travel to the Future with Your Orthodontist in Powell

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young girl with retainer We’re living in an age where technology is changing as quickly as you can blink your eyes, making people’s lives easier and more comfortable than ever before. Fortunately, you can see this same kind of progress in orthodontics as well! At Shirck Orthodontics, we make it a point to only use the latest instruments so our patients can get the straight smiles they deserve in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. Read on to learn more about some of the advanced tools your orthodontist in Powell uses every day to take care of local smiles.

iTero Digital Scanner

We use dental impressions (a model of the teeth and bite) to design all of our treatments, ensuring they have the perfect fit and move our patient’s teeth right where we want them to go. In the past, the only way to make one involved having a patient literally bite down into messy dental putty that would be turned into a physical model. Usually, the putty got EVERYWHERE, tasted odd, and we’d often have to redo the process to get a good impression.


Thankfully, our iTero Digital Scanner helps us solve all of these problems at once! A small wand is gently moved around the mouth, and it captures dozens of unique images of the teeth and gums. On a nearby monitor, a patient can watch as advanced software “stitches” these images together to create a fully 3D digital impression. This process is not only much faster and more comfortable than the traditional one, but it also gives us a better quality impression! We can actually design a patient’s treatment plan using this digital image, and this allows us to show someone what their smile will look like in the future, helping them feel excited to start treatment.

 3D Digital Printer

3D printers might seem like they’ve come straight out of science fiction, but they are very much a reality at Shirck Orthodontics! This handy device gives us the ability to make our own oral appliances, including retainers, right in the office. That means patients don’t have to wait on an outside lab, and should they ever need a replacement, we can quickly print another one so their treatment can stay on track. Basically, it eliminates wait times without lowering quality, which is always a win-win in our book!


The Future is Now

This technology has changed a lot about how our practice works day to day, and it’s only made our lives (as well as our patients’) much easier! Speed, comfort, and quality are all things we are always striving for, and our hi-tech tools help us reach these goals every single day.

If you or your child could benefit from orthodontic treatment, then we invite you to come experience the very best that modern-day orthodontics has to offer. We know you’ll be glad you did! To schedule a FREE consultation with your Powell orthodontist, give us a call today.