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The Top 10 Myths About Metal Braces—Debunked!

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Metal braces have been around for a long, long time. In fact, a version of them has even been discovered on the teeth of mummies from Ancient Egypt! So, of course, a lot of myths have popped up around them over the years. Many of them may discourage someone from getting a treatment they could greatly benefit from, so today, we’re going to bust the top 10 braces myths.

1. “Metal braces can rust.”

Braces are metal, and your mouth is wet, so this guarantees rust, right? Not so much, as today’s braces are usually made with titanium alloy, meaning they will remain rust-free whether someone wears them for 6 months or three years.

2. “Braces will set off a metal detector.”

If braces set off metal detectors, getting through airport security would be even more time-consuming than it already is!

3. “Braces make it impossible to play a wind instrument.”

For brass and woodwind players, getting braces can seem like the end of their musical pursuits, but this is fortunately not the case. Many players are able to make beautiful music despite having braces once they have adjusted to them.

4. “I can’t play sports with braces.”

Unless a sport involves someone directly using their teeth (and who would want to play such a game?), braces shouldn’t interfere with any type of athletics. It’s just important that people wear a mouthguard to keep their teeth and appliance safe.

5. “I don’t really need to wear a retainer after braces.”

Wearing a retainer is an absolutely essential part of the orthodontic process, as this keeps freshly shifted teeth in place after the braces have come off. Otherwise, the teeth can start to drift back into their starting positions.

6. “Braces are only for kids and teens.”

While braces tend to work faster for younger patients, people of any age can benefit from them. It is definitely possible for an adult patient to straighten their teeth with braces, though the process might take a little longer compared to a child.

7. “Braces can mess with electronic devices.”

Pretty much every gadget has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth these days, and you don’t have to worry about braces interfering with these signals.

8. “Braces will hurt the entire time.”

While a patient may feel a little tension after getting their braces put on or adjusted, this sensation usually goes away within a few days and can be mitigated with OTC medication.

9. “There’s no point in straightening the baby teeth.”

Using braces on the baby teeth is one of the best ways to help the adult teeth come in straight and enable a child to avoid more extensive orthodontic treatment down the road.

10. “I can’t afford braces.”

While braces can be quite the investment, things like dental insurance and in-house financing make them more affordable than ever. Most practices are happy to work with patients to ensure they stay on budget while getting the treatment they need.

There are plenty of other myths to bust, but this takes care of the major ones! Hopefully, we cleared up some misconceptions today, allowing you to feel comfortable about getting braces for either yourself or your child.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is a board-certified, award-winning orthodontist based in Newark. He’s treated countless patients of all ages and is always willing to spend extra time to answer questions and put people’s minds at ease about their treatment. If you believe you or your child could benefit from braces, we invite you to schedule a FREE consultation by clicking here.