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Straighter Teeth Can Improve Overall Health According to Orthodontist

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teenage boy with bracesWhen people choose to straighten their teeth, they usually want to improve their appearance, their oral health, or both. These are fantastic reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment, but one that many people do not think about is how straightening the teeth can actually improve their overall health as well. How does this work? Your orthodontist in Hebron, OH is here to explain!

Straighter Teeth = Healthier Teeth

Did you know that people with crooked and crowded teeth are much more likely to develop cavities and gum disease as well? This is because, when the teeth are not properly aligned, this can create small areas of the mouth that brushing and flossing simply can’t clean.

Over time, these areas can accumulate plaque that causes cavities or an oral infection to develop. When the teeth are put into their proper positions thanks to braces, a person is able to clean their mouth much more thoroughly, helping them achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

How Oral Health and Overall Health Are Connected

Lowering a person’s chances of gum disease can do much more than keep their teeth looking and feeling great. A growing mountain of research has revealed that gum disease is actually a very common risk factor for many systemic health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and even dementia! Scientists believe this to be the case because the bacteria that is responsible for gum disease can easily enter the body and cause a harmful inflammatory response in the internal organs.

How is this bacteria able to travel everywhere? The gums are actually extremely vascular structures, meaning they contain a lot of blood vessels in a relatively small area. This enables any oral bacteria to easily enter the bloodstream, and from there, it can quickly make its way around the entire body. This connection between oral and overall health is why so many medical doctors are starting to emphasize oral healthcare as a preventive measure to the diseases we touched on above.

So in the end, straightening your teeth can improve how your smile looks, lower your chances for oral health problems, and by extension, keep you healthier overall as well!

Final Thoughts

For a very long time, straightening the teeth was thought of as merely a cosmetic procedure. What orthodontists have known for years is finally being revealed to the public: straighter teeth are healthier teeth, and people with healthy teeth are healthier overall.

So, if you’re considering getting braces or Invisalign for either yourself or your child, know that you’ll be helping much more than just your appearance!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is an adult and children’s orthodontist in Hebron, OH who strives to improve the lives of his patients by providing high quality and personalized care designed to meet everyone’s unique needs. To learn more about the connection between oral and overall health and how straightening your teeth can help enhance both, he can be contacted through his website.