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Straight Talk: The Importance of Pediatric Orthodontics

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When should you start to be concerned about your child’s smile? The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) strongly recommends that all children have a pediatric orthodontic screening by age 7. When your child turns 7, their teeth and jaws have developed enough to discern if there will be any serious orthodontic problems down the road. In most cases, treatment is not actually necessary at age 7, but it will give you and your child’s dentist time to monitor their development to decide on the best path of treatment. You can make an appointment for the pediatric orthodontic screening your child needs with Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo or Dr. Betina today. Shirck Orthodontic’s five convenient locations deliver quality care daily throughout New Albany, OH, Pataskala, Westerville, Sunbury, Granville, Johnstown, Newark, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick, and the surrounding communities.

What Is Pediatric Orthodontics Treatment?

Pediatric orthodontists consider more than just how your child’s smile looks. Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo and Dr. Betina will examine the movement and growth of their jaw and use panoramic X-rays to examine tooth roots. Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo and Dr. Betina will also check for impacted, missing, and overcrowded teeth. If orthodontic treatment is needed, Dr. Shirck will be able to provide many treatment options and a variety of orthodontic appliance types including metals, ceramics and plastics, with removable or bonded brackets.

Does Your Child Need Pediatric Orthodontic Treatment?

Issues arising from crowding, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, premature loss of baby teeth, or poor breathing caused by enlarged adenoids or tonsils can all contribute to the need for pediatric orthodontic treatment. There are also hereditary factors like having extra teeth, large teeth, missing teeth and wide spacing or small jaws. If you notice any of the following warning signs, we urge you to make an immediate pediatric orthodontic screening appointment for your child:

  • Off-schedule loss of baby teeth
  • Chewing problems
  • Mouth breathing
  • Prolonged and persistent thumb sucking
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Jaw noises
  • Teeth that don’t fit together properly
  • Jaws and teeth that are disproportionate
  • Crowded front teeth after age seven

New Albany Pediatric Orthodontics Appointments

Studies have shown that many pediatric orthodontic problems are more easily corrected when the patient’s skeleton is still developing. By correcting pediatric orthodontic problems at a young age, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo or Dr. Betina can better prepare the mouth for the eventual eruption of adult teeth. Pediatric orthodontic treatment will gently administer a constant force in carefully controlled directions, to slowly move teeth into proper alignment. Don’t take chances with your child’s smile. Make a pediatric orthodontic appointment with Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo or Dr. Betina today. Shirck Orthodontics has five locations located conveniently to serve all of New Albany, Pataskala, Westerville, Sunbury, Granville, Johnstown, Newark, Reynoldsburg, Blacklick, and the neighboring areas.