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Six Month Smiles vs. Smile Direct Club: Which Is Better?

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woman putting in a clear aligner Back in the day, if you wanted to straighten your teeth, your only option was metal braces, but then Invisalign came along and changed the face of orthodontics. Now, people could get the smiles they’ve always wanted using a treatment that was comfortable, discreet, and did not give them a mouthful of metal. Over the years, two more clear aligner treatments have popped up to challenge Invisalign’s dominance over the market, and today, we’re going to compare them to see which

 is better. In the battle of Six Month Smiles vs. Smile Direct Club, which one should you choose? A local Westerville orthodontist shares the facts you need to know to make your decision.

How Are They the Same?

On the surface, Six Month Smiles and Smile Direct Club may look very similar, and that’s because they are in many ways, such as:

  • Both use a system of custom-made, transparent aligners to slowly shift the teeth into their new positions.
  • The aligners themselves have a very subtle appearance and basically disappear when you place them on your teeth.
  • With either treatment, you can simply take your aligners off whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth, making them much more convenient compared to regular braces.

How Are They Different?

Are Six Month Smiles and Smile Direct Club really that different? Yes! A few key distinctions include:

  • The average treatment time for Six Month Smiles is 4 to 9 months, while Smile Direct Club’s is 6 to 10 months, so in general, Six Month Smiles is notably faster.
  • Six Month Smiles is able to correct a broader range of orthodontic issues compared to Smile Direct Club, which is usually only recommended for mild to moderate cases of crowding and spacing.
  • With Smile Direct Club, the entire treatment is carried out at home. They send you a kit, you take an impression of your teeth, and this is used to create your aligners that are mailed to you a few weeks later. Six Month Smiles, however, requires you to visit a certified orthodontist and regularly check in with them throughout the process.

Why That Last Point Matters

Straightening the teeth may sound simple on the surface, but it is actually a very, very complicated process. This is why in order to become an orthodontist, dentists have to complete years of additional training after dental school. While Smile Direct Club might be convenient because you never have to step foot in a dental office, a lack of professional supervision throughout your treatment makes you more likely to encounter serious problems. A quick Google search will show you hundreds of cases of people who accidentally damaged their teeth with Smile Direct Club and needed to spend thousands to have them fixed.

But with Six Month Smiles, your treatment is designed and directed by a certified professional from the beginning. If any adjustments need to be made or issues pop up, they can be handled quickly and easily before they throw off your treatment. Six Month Smiles also allows your orthodontist to better customize your aligners so they deliver even higher quality results.  

In the end, when it comes to orthodontics, you get what you pay for. While Six Month Smiles might cost a little more upfront, the peace of mind, increased safety, and more reliable results it can deliver compared to Smile Direct Club make it the clear winner.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is an award-winning orthodontist in Westerville and Elite Invisalign Provider. He has used clear aligners to help countless patients achieve the smiles of their dreams, and he’s eager to do the same for you. To schedule a FREE consultation at Shirck Orthodontics to see what clear aligners could do for you, contact us today.