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Shirck Orthodontics Donates 10,000 Masks to Local Schools

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child wearing facemask at school

Shirck Orthodontics is a partner in education, a community partner, and an advocate for safety, so that’s why we have recently donated 10,000 masks and water bottles to local schools. We know that it is going to take everyone’s combined efforts to get us through this pandemic, and we’re happy to step up to the plate and offer assistance so students and teachers can get back to doing what they do best. And, to help parents have peace of mind, your orthodontist in Powell shares a few tips about having your child wear a mask that will ensure they (and you!) can stay healthy.

Our Partner Schools

The loss of in-person classes this past spring was a big event for families with school-aged children, but thankfully, they are starting to come back. In order to help everyone adapt to the needs of today, we decided to reach out to several schools in our area and donate valuable resources, including:

  • Tyler Run Elementary- Water bottles and masks
  • Robert Frost Elementary- Water bottles
  • Watkins Middle School- Water bottles
  • New Albany Primary- Masks and water bottles
  • New Albany Intermediate – Masks and water bottles
  • St. Francis DeSales High School- Water bottles
  • Liberty Tree Elementary- T-shirts for school spirit
  • Alcott Elementary- T-shirts for school spirit
  • New Albany ELC- Masks for teachers

Tips For Helping Your Child Wear a Mask

Of course, just because a child has a mask doesn’t mean they know the best ways to use it, so keeping the following tips in mind is important:

  • For younger children, be sure to explain that wearing a mask keeps them, their friends, as well as their family (including grandma and grandpa!) safe and healthy.
  • If a child is nervous about wearing a mask, wear one around them so it becomes more normalized.
  • If possible, give your child mask options so they can choose one they like, which will encourage them to wear it.
  • The mask should fit tightly against the face, but not so tight that it leaves marks or is uncomfortable.
  • Watch your child put on their mask before they head to school.
  • Make sure the mask completely covers their mouth and nose.
  • Little kids are taught to share, but make sure your child knows they should never trade masks with their friends!
  • As always, mask-wearing should be paired with social distancing, so it’s important to explain to your child that keeping their distance still matters (particularly during lunch).

We know teachers and students will make great use of our donations, and with a little help from you and your child, we’ll have school (and everything else!) back to normal sooner than later.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is a graduate of The Ohio State University and an award-winning, board-certified orthodontist based in Powell. A father of three young children himself, he knows just how challenging modern times are for parents! That’s why he and our team are happy to assist local schools. And, if your child currently has braces or has been recommended to get them, he can help put them on the path to a straight smile while ensuring they stay safe. To learn more and schedule a FREE consultation, contact us today