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3M Self-Ligating Braces with Orthodontist in Pataskala

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orthodontist in pataskala If you want a straighter smile, Shirck Orthodontics in Pataskala offers an alternative to traditional braces to get the straight, beautiful smile you want. With 3M Self-Ligating Braces, you’ll have a straighter smile while benefiting from less discomfort than traditional braces. As one of the latest advancements in orthodontics, Dr. Shirck is proud to offer the convenience and comfort of Self-Ligating Braces.

What are 3M Self-Ligating Braces?

Unlike traditional braces, which use rubber bands to hold the wire in place to straighten teeth, self-ligating braces don’t require the use of rubber bands. Instead of using the traditional rubber bands, the 3M Self-Ligating Braces use an innovative clip, similar to a door, to hold the wire in place. The special clip features a custom design to move the teeth into place quicker.

While many believe the clip to be more uncomfortable than traditional braces, the clip actually provides enhanced comfort because it is smooth and contoured for a more custom fit. You’ll enjoy enhanced comfort while moving your teeth into place with less visits to your orthodontist in Pataskala.

What are the Benefits of 3M Self-Ligating Braces?

When searching for braces in Pataskala OH, choose braces that offer unmatched benefits when compared to traditional forms of braces. In addition to the lack of rubber bands, the 3M brackets are also easier to keep clean, reducing the buildup of plaque to promote improved oral health during treatment. Not to mention, with translucent clip designs, the brackets are also more discreet than traditional braces—perfect for those who don’t want added attention drawn to their mouth.

While the braces are less noticeable, they are just as effective as traditional braces, despite the fact they require no “tightening.” The low-profile braces allow you to enjoy straighter teeth faster with less appointment times needed to adjust the wire or for additional cleanings. 3M Self-Ligating braces are the smart choice to orthodontic care for a straighter, more attractive smile.

Alternative to Traditional Braces

At Shirck Orthodontics, we are proud to offer this amazing alternative to traditional braces. We understand the issues braces can cause on your confidence, despite wanting a straighter smile. We also understand that you want to see results with as little discomfort as possible. This is why we provide the latest innovations in orthodontics to allow you to achieve the results you want.

As a graduate of Ohio State University with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery and holding special training in Orthodontics, Dr. Shirck provides the comprehensive orthodontic treatments you need for a straighter smile. With continued education in orthodontics, Dr. Shirck provides the latest advancements in dentistry to deliver the best results possible in less time. Using 3M Self-Ligating braces, he’ll help resolve alignment and bite issues to allow you to have a more radiant smile you’ll want to show off.

If you’re ready for a smile transformation with a straighter smile, contact Shirck Orthodontics today for a consultation.