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Invisalign in Powell Can Help You Love Your Smile Again

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woman’s smile with Invisalign Every year, we meet tons of patients who don’t like anything about their smile. Their crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth cause them to hide their teeth in pictures and even when talking with friends and family. This always breaks our team’s hearts, but thankfully, we have a solution that can help people fall back in love with their smile: Invisalign in Powell. With this sleek and effective treatment, we cannot only improve the appearance of someone’s smile, but its health as well, giving them a set of teeth they’re always ready to show off.

Invisalign Basics

Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligner trays to gently shift the teeth into their proper positions. They are so discreet looking that no one will know you’re using Invisalign unless you tell them, and you can even take the trays off whenever it’s time to eat or brush.

Typically, a patient will simply need to wear one set of trays in their series for about 20-22 hours a day for two weeks before progressing onto the next. After they have gone through the entire series, that’s it, and the treatment is over! Most Invisalign treatments only take about 12-18 months to deliver final results compared to the 2-3 years needed for traditional braces treatments.

More Than Just Looks

Straight teeth are considered attractive by pretty much every culture around the world, so getting a perfectly aligned smile thanks to Invisalign is an easy way for someone to improve their appearance and confidence at the same time. However, did you know that straightening the teeth is a great way to make them healthier as well?

When the teeth are properly aligned, this makes them much easier to brush and floss effectively because they don’t have the tight, hard to reach spaces crooked or crowded teeth can have. As a result, a patient is able to more effectively remove plaque and food debris from their smile, drastically lowering their risk of common dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease over time.

Invisalign can also be used to correct minor bite problems as well. Once again, this cannot only make the smile look better by getting rid of an overbite, under bite, or cross bite, but it can also help the jaw function better. This can prevent excessive wear and tear on the jaw joint and even relieve pain people are already experiencing.

Get Started Today

With Invisalign, you can get a smile that not only looks great, but feels great as well, making you eager to show off your grin at every opportunity. We’ve already used this treatment to help countless patients get the smiles of their dreams, and the team at Shirck Orthodontics is ready to do the exact same for you.

To learn more about Invisalign clear braces in Powell and what they could do for you, we invite you to schedule a FREE consultation, at which we’ll be able to give you a preview of what your smile will look like after treatment thanks to our iTero Digital Scanner!