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How Braces Can Change the Shape of Your Face

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When most people hear the word “orthodontics,” their mind immediately thinks about the teeth being straightened, and it’s no wonder why! Every year, the team at Shirck Orthodontics helps hundreds of children and adults fix crooked teeth and close unwanted gaps to create truly stunning smiles. But, did you know that orthodontics can actually change the overall shape of the face as well? Your orthodontist can do much more than simply move the teeth around—they can also use braces in Columbus to give someone a more balanced and attractive appearance.

How Orthodontics Can Change the Face

Orthodontics cannot only correct problems in the teeth, but it can also improve the alignment and guide the development of the jaws, ultimately giving someone a more symmetrical look. How does this work? At Shirck Orthodontics, we can:

  • Stimulate Jaw Growth: Sometimes, either the upper or lower jaw may develop more slowly than the other, and this can lead to issues like overbites and underbites where the upper or lower teeth stick out. With orthodontics, we can gently pull either jawbone forward, which will not only help the bite come together properly, but it will also make someone’s facial appearance more balanced.
  • Widen the Face: The roof of the mouth, or hard palate, can naturally be narrow for some people, which can lead to problems like crooked teeth and sleep breathing issues. We can use a small appliance called a palatal expander to address this, which results in a wider smile and better proportioned face.
  • Close Open Bites: An open bite is when there is space between the upper and lower teeth even when the mouth is closed, which can cause the lips to stretch and jut outward. Braces can guide the teeth into a more vertical orientation, allowing the lips to rest naturally (which is also more comfortable).

Other Benefits of Orthodontics Changing the Face

Many people resort to corrective jaw surgery to improve the look and shape of their face, but in a lot of cases, orthodontics can deliver similar results much less invasively. Adjusting someone’s jaw position can also relieve a TMJ disorder, stopping persistent jaw, head, neck, and ear pain. When you come to visit us, we will discuss how treatment will affect not just you or your child’s teeth, but the entire face as well.

So, if your child needs braces, or if you’re thinking about fixing your own teeth, know that a straight and healthy smile may be just one of the benefits you enjoy by choosing to visit Shirck Orthodontics!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck combines a friendly, warm demeanor with award-winning care. A board-certified orthodontist and proud graduate of The Ohio State University, he’s happy to help patients of all ages across Columbus using fully personalized and state-of-the-art treatments. To learn how he and our team could give you or your child much more than a straight set of teeth, contact us today to schedule a FREE in-person consultation.