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Getting Off-Track With Your Invisalign Timeline? Here Are 3 Tips to Help

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woman putting on an Invisalign tray

Have you started to notice gaps between your teeth and your Invisalign trays? Are they starting to slip out of place throughout the day? These are both telltale signs that your treatment is not progressing as planned, or that it’s not “tracking” properly. Getting off track with Invisalign can potentially add months to your treatment and extra expense, but thankfully, it’s not too late to set things right! All you need to do is follow these 3 tips.

1. Use Invisalign Chewies

Invisalign chewies are small, soft, flexible rolls that look like earplugs, and they can help make sure that your Invisalign trays are fitted properly over your teeth. After you put your trays back in after eating or brushing your teeth, you simply pop in a chewie and literally chew it like gum for a few minutes. This will ensure that your aligners are seated correctly. This is especially important after switching to a new set of trays, where the fit will be much tighter.

2. Wear Your Aligners for 20-22 Hours a Day

At the beginning of every Invisalign treatment, patients are usually very good about wearing their trays often enough, only taking them out to eat or brush their teeth. But for many, as time goes on, their discipline wains, and they spend less and less time using their trays. A lost hour here or there might not seem like much, but they can quickly add up and negatively affect your treatment. If your trays are out of your mouth for more than 2 hours each day, then it’s in your best interest to reduce that time.

3. The Easy Route: Talk to an Orthodontist

Of course, if you’re having any issues with your orthodontic treatment, why not ask an expert for help—an orthodontist! Scheduling a quick appointment if you have any concerns is usually the most direct way to address a problem. Your orthodontist may recommend that you “backtrack,” or swap your current aligners for a previous set so they are able to shift your teeth in a way that will make the next ones fit better. Or, they might recommend a treatment plan revision, in which case you may receive some new trays that should fit more comfortably and allow your teeth to shift as needed.

All in all, if you’re worried that your Invisalign treatment isn’t progressing as it should, you can do something about it. If using chewies or increasing your time wearing your trays doesn’t do the trick, just give an orthodontist a call, and they’ll help you get exactly what you need. This way, you can easily traverse a small bump in the road toward your new, beautiful smile.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is an award-winning, board-certified orthodontist based in the Columbus area. He has been an Elite Invisalign Provider since 2017, and over the years, he has used it to help countless teens and adults easily straighten their teeth. Interested in starting Invisalign? Having problems with your trays? Either way, Shirck Orthodontics is eager to help, and you can schedule an appointment by clicking here.