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Invisalign smileWhen a patient comes into Shirck Orthodontics to get Invisalign, we want to make sure that their trays both fit comfortably and are guaranteed to give them a gorgeous smile. You may ask, how do we do that? It all starts with a highly-detailed impression using our iTero® digital scanner! Thanks to it, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jen can toss out the dental putty and even help you see what your teeth will look like after treatment!

What is an iTero® Digital Scanner?

Great question! It’s a small handheld device that enables our team to create a fully 3D digital impression of a patient’s bite in just a few minutes. We simply move the scanner around the mouth, and it captures real time images of the teeth and surrounding soft tissues that you’ll actually be able to see on a nearby monitor. Once your entire mouth has been scanned, software will “magically” piece the images together to create your final impression.

Compared to traditional physical impressions made with putty, digital impressions take less time, are more comfortable, and they even yield a better quality impression! With one, we are able to capture your existing alignment the very first time. Basically, the scanner helps us streamline the entire impression process.

Invisalign…Meet iTero®

So how does this scanner figure into an Invisalign treatment? We actually use a digital impression to help design each patient’s personalized Invisalign treatment plan, or in other words, how the trays will actually shift the teeth.

Because the impression is fully digital, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jen can easily manipulate it on a monitor to quickly find the most efficient paths for the teeth to move. This will help you get your new smile in the shortest amount of time possible! We can even use the impression to show you what your teeth will look like once your Invisalign treatment is completed!

Once we’re finished, we’ll send this impression and treatment plan to an Invisalign lab to fabricate your trays. Thanks to the accuracy of the image, you can rest assured that the trays will comfortably fit over your teeth and help put our treatment plan into action.

Get Started Today!

Interested in getting Invisalign clear braces for either yourself or your teen? We’re happy to offer you a FREE consultation as well as a FREE digital scan with the iTero. You’ll get to meet your orthodontist, our friendly team, ask as many questions as you like, and we’ll even show you what your newly aligned smile will look like!

This appointment is quick, easy, fun, and most of all, FREE! To schedule yours, just give us a call today.