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How to Get Same Day Braces in Powell

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happy child with braces Once a parent learns that their child is going to need braces, they usually want to start the process as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t simply go to an orthodontist’s office and say “Braces, please!” Often, you have to schedule a consultation first, then attend another appointment that could be weeks later to have the braces actually put on. At Shirck Orthodontics, however, we’re ready to save you the time and stress by offering same day braces in Powell. You can bring your child to come see us, we’ll perform a brief exam, go over their treatment options, and then we can apply their braces that same appointment so they can get their new smile a soon as possible. How do same day braces actually work? You just have to take the following steps…

Step 1: Give Us a Call

When you call our office to schedule your child’s FREE consultation, you’ll also have a chance to give us your insurance information. That way, by the time you actually show up, we’ll already have validated your benefits so you can have instant access to your savings.

Step 2: Come See Us!

When you come to see us for your child’s appointment, it will start with their orthodontist in Powell examining their teeth so they can come up with the perfect treatment plan. After sharing their observations with you, they’ll go over all of your child’s care options. Most of the time, if your child’s dentist says they need braces, we’ll agree!  Once you confirm that yes, we can apply braces to your child, we’ll get started right away.

Step 3: Time For Braces

After you give us the go ahead, our team will spring into action putting your child’s brackets, wires, and elastics into place. On average, this process takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and your child should be nice and comfortable the entire time. Be sure to bring something to do while you wait!

Step 4: A Few Final Words

Once your child’s braces are in place, you’ll have a chance to speak with their orthodontist again before you go. They’ll cover how your child should take care of their teeth, which foods they should avoid, and what to expect throughout treatment. They’ll also be happy to answer any questions. Remember, the closer you follow your orthodontist’s instructions, the faster the treatment process will be!

Step 5: Schedule a Follow-Up

Your child will need to come see us on a regular basis so we can check on their progress and adjust their braces as needed. Before you leave this first appointment, we’ll schedule their first follow-up. It’s very important that you attend these visits to keep your child’s treatment on track. Of course, if you have any issues between them, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

And that’s it! Five easy steps for same day braces. Your child will probably experience a little soreness and tenderness in their mouth for a few days afterward, but this should go away quickly, and OTC medicine can help the adjustment process go faster as well.

To learn more about how you can get your child same day braces so they can begin their journey to a beautifully straight smile as soon as possible, contact Shirck Orthodontics today.