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Creating Better Smiles And Structures With Orthodontics

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Mewing, facial restructuring and orthodontic treatment are concepts often discussed in the realm of facial aesthetics, oral health and structural alignment. Each of these approaches has its unique methodology, goals and scientific backing. Let’s dive into what they involve, their potential benefits and considerations to keep in mind.

Mewing: A Controversial Yet Popular Practice

Mewing is a technique popularized by Dr. John Mew and Dr. Mike Mew, British orthodontists who suggest that proper tongue posture can help reshape the face, particularly the jawline, to be more aesthetically pleasing. The technique involves resting the entire tongue against the roof of the mouth, keeping the lips together and breathing through the nose. Proponents of mewing believe that over time, this practice can influence the facial structure, especially if started at a young age when the bones are still malleable.

However, while anecdotal evidence and social media testimonials highlight dramatic transformations, the scientific community remains skeptical about the effectiveness of mewing in significantly altering facial structure, especially in adults. There’s limited peer-reviewed research to back up these claims, making it a subject of controversy among experts.

Facial Restructuring: Beyond Aesthetics

Facial restructuring refers to a broader set of practices and treatments aimed at altering the facial bones to improve both form and function. This can include surgical procedures such as orthognathic surgery, which corrects jaw discrepancies and can lead to improved chewing functionality, speech, and long-term oral health. These procedures are often recommended based on clinical needs and are carried out by specialist surgeons.

Facial restructuring goes beyond mere aesthetics, addressing conditions like sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, and bite misalignments that can have significant impacts on overall health and quality of life. Unlike mewing, the changes brought about by these surgical interventions are substantial, scientifically proven, and can significantly improve the patient’s well-being.

Orthodontic Treatment: A Proven Path to Alignment

Orthodontic treatment, involving braces, clear aligners, and other orthodontic appliances, is the most scientifically supported method of altering the facial structure in a non-invasive way. While primarily focused on straightening teeth, orthodontic treatment can also influence the overall appearance of the face and jawline by adjusting the alignment of the teeth and jaws.

Orthodontics is not just for kids; adults too can benefit from these treatments, thanks to advancements like Invisalign® clear aligners that offer less visible, more comfortable options. The benefits of orthodontic treatment extend beyond aesthetics, including improved oral hygiene, easier teeth cleaning, and a more functional bite.

Professional Considerations 

When considering any form of facial alteration, whether through mewing, facial restructuring, or orthodontic treatment, it’s crucial to consult with professionals. For mewing, skepticism from the scientific community suggests that expectations should be realistic and other proven methods should not be ignored. Orthodontic treatments should be pursued under the guidance of qualified specialists like Dr. Jeff, Dr. Soo and Dr. Betina ensuring that the interventions are not only for aesthetic improvements but also for functional benefits.

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