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Children’s Orthodontist in Newark, OH Discusses Niall Horan’s Braces

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close-up of bracesBack in 2011, as a member of One Direction, Niall Horan had been around the world multiple times and sold out countless venues on the road to becoming an internationally recognized superstar. Yet, despite all of his one-of-a-kind experiences and adoring fans, he still lacked one thing: a confident smile. Like many people his age, Niall had misalignments in his front teeth that caused him to feel self-conscious whenever he was speaking or singing. Seeing as how he literally had millions of eyes on him at any one time, this was quite a problem! So, he decided to get braces, and after 15 months of treatment, the results speak for themselves. Today, a children’s orthodontist in Newark, OH discusses how braces were able to help Niall, and how they can do the exact same for your child.

Renewed Confidence

If you look at pictures of Niall before his braces, you’ll certainly come across ones of him smiling, but they are much, much different compared to those taken after braces. Not only will you find more pictures of him showing off his teeth, you’ll notice that he seems to be smiling much bigger as well.

This is because, as we all know, a set of perfectly straight teeth can really make a person feel confident about themselves. Niall was already a confident person before he got braces, but now, his self-esteem has really hit the next level. Fortunately, this kind of benefit isn’t limited to pop stars! Absolutely everyone can get a gorgeous smile with the help of braces or another orthodontic treatment.

Better Oral Health

Fans noticed that Niall’s teeth were noticeably whiter after his braces came off, probably because he underwent some kind of bleaching treatment. Luckily for Niall and anyone else who’s had braces, keeping the teeth pristinely white and healthy is much easier after they’ve been aligned.

When the teeth are crooked or crowded, this can create small areas in the mouth that are nearly impossible to clean. Over time, plaque can accumulate in them, and this inevitably leads to problems like cavities and gum disease. When the teeth are nice and straight, it’s much easier to remove any cavity-causing factors with regular brushing and flossing. So, by getting braces, Niall was not only able to improve his overall appearance, but his dental health as well!

Improved Oral Function

Misaligned teeth also tend to lead to a misaligned bite, which can cause all sorts of issues, from jaw pain to excessive wear and tear on the enamel. Niall was able to avoid all of these problems long-term thanks to his braces treatment, and the same can be said for anyone else who gets them.

Altogether, Niall’s braces not only gave him an attractive smile, but a deep sense of self-confidence that will continue to radiate throughout arenas across the world. While your child might not be a famous musician or actor (yet!), they can easily achieve the same benefits with braces in Newark, OH. Under the care of a certified orthodontist, your child can get the kind of smile that will lift them up through their life no matter what they decide to do, and as a parent, that’s a wonderful peace of mind to have.

If your child has crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, then braces can easily help them smile just like Niall. To learn more about them and get the treatment started, contact a local orthodontist today.

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Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is a certified orthodontist based in Newark, OH. At his practice, he uses a variety of treatments to straighten smiles for patients of all ages, including traditional braces, clear braces, and Invisalign. If you’re interested in getting orthodontics for your child, he invites you to schedule a FREE consultation and ask about how they can get braces for as little as $129 a month! To contact him, click here.