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We Can’t Wait to Come to Powell!

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so many happy people Shirck Orthodontics is opening a brand new office in Powell in 2019, and our team couldn’t be more excited! We’ll be able to help even more people and give local families access to the warm, friendly, and high-quality specialty dental care they deserve. Of course, whenever we come to a community, we like to do much more than simply work in our office. Shirck Orthodontics has a proud tradition of community involvement, because we know without them, we wouldn’t have a practice! Read on to learn how we plan to uplift the area while putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Why We Do It

We believe that serving our community beyond providing expert dental care is inherently good, but it also helps us accomplish something extremely important: education. There are plenty of children and adults out there with dental issues that could be resolved with orthodontic treatment, but not everyone knows what their options are. Most people simply think the only thing they can get with an orthodontist is traditional metal braces, and this is far from true!

While we still offer regular braces, we can also provide a wide range of other treatments that are perfect for more image conscious adults and teens, such as clear/ceramic braces and Invisalign. Making people aware of these treatments while also supporting a local event or school is a big win-win in our book!

How We Help

We’re all big sports fans here at Shirck Orthodontics, and because many of our staff members are parents themselves, we understand just how beneficial sports can be for a growing child. That’s why we’ve sponsored numerous scholastic sports programs throughout the Pataskala, Westerville, Newark, and Heath areas over the years. We make sure kids have all the equipment they need to play and stay safe, whether their chosen sport is football, basketball, soccer, or cheerleading!

We also enjoy being a part of events that encourage the community to come together, celebrate an occasion, and become closer while having fun. In the past, we’ve sponsored the Founders Day Parade in New Albany, the Granville 4th of July Festival, and Westerville’s 4th Fridays just to name a few. Nothing makes us happier than to see everyone out and about having a good time!

We Want to Hear From You!

We’ll be in Powell before you know it, and we want to hear from locals about how we can help make their community an even better place. Do you know of an event, youth sports program, or organization in Powell that could benefit from our support? If so, then tell us all about it! And of course, if you’re interested in getting a straighter, healthier smile for either yourself or your child, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have. See you in 2019!