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Can Dental Insurance Cover Adult Braces? Powell Orthodontist: Yes!

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woman holding Invisalign tray Millions of adults around the world have already used Invisalign to straighten their crooked teeth and obtain the beautiful smiles they’ve always wanted, and you’d like to become one of them. There is just one catch, however—orthodontic care can be quite expensive, and you likely won’t be able to pay for it all on your own. Thankfully, that’s what dental insurance is for, right? More and more plans are now offering coverage for adult orthodontics, and even if you already have a plan that doesn’t have benefits for this type of treatment, there are other options your Powell orthodontist can show you that will make your care much more affordable.

Choosing the Right Dental Insurance Plan

If you currently don’t have dental insurance, now is a great time to get it! Typically, dental insurance will be a part of your employer’s healthcare package, so be sure to ask your company’s HR about the specific details of the policy. If it turns out that the plan does not offer coverage for adult orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to find one on your own.

Fortunately, many of the largest insurance companies now provide dental benefits as well, including well-known ones like Aetna, Humana, and MetLife to name a few. Be sure to find a plan that specifically offers coverage for adult orthodontic care—many will only cover traditional braces for patients under 18. An easy way to cut down on your time searching for a plan is to simply ask your orthodontist. They and their team will be much more familiar with this and will likely be able to give you a list of policies that provide the exact coverage you need, narrowing your choices so you can quickly compare and decide which one is best for you.

What to Do if Your Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover Adult Braces

If you already have dental insurance, but can’t use it to cover the cost of Invisalign…what should you do? Fortunately, there are other ways to make your treatment more affordable:

  • Discounts for Payments in Full: Many orthodontists will offer you a sizeable discount on your treatment if you pay for it in full upfront.
  • Interest-Free Financing: Or, you can break up the cost of your treatment into smaller, easier to manage installments, often with little to no interest!

Be sure to consult with your orthodontist to figure out what your options are. They’ve likely helped countless patients in your exact same situation!

Smile & Save

Straightening the teeth at any age is an easy way to improve someone’s appearance as well as their oral health, and now, there is a multitude of options to make this type of care more affordable for adults. If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign, talk to your orthodontist, and they’ll make sure your new smile fits comfortably into your budget.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Shirck is an award-winning orthodontist in Powell and certified Elite Invisalign Provider. He enjoys serving patients of all ages, and he’s always happy to help adults achieve the strong, healthy, and confident smiles they deserve. To learn more about how you can save big on your Invisalign treatment at Shirck Orthodontics, Dr. Shirck can be contacted through his website.