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Braces in Newark, OH for the Whole Family

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Your orthodontist for braces in Newark, OH.You take great strides to ensure your children develop and maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, which often involves orthodontics. But, what about your teeth? While orthodontic care is often considered to only be for the young, it is never too late to benefit from an orthodontist in Newark, OH. Now, you can receive a straight smile at the same time as your children because we offer braces in Newark, OH for the entire family. At Shirck Orthodontics, Dr. Jeffery Shirck will create a customized treatment plan for each member in your family to gain an attractive and properly functioning smile.

Orthodontics for the Entire Family

Often, many people believe braces are only for young children, but this could not be further from the truth. You are never too old to benefit from orthodontic care. While undergoing orthodontic treatments, the main purpose is often to achieve a straight, attractive smile. However, there are additional benefits as well. When your teeth and bite are properly aligned, you ensure your teeth function correctly. Not to mention, by resolving alignment issues, your oral health is promoted as you decrease the risk for gum disease and tooth decay as proper oral hygiene becomes easier. Now, your entire family can gain a straight, healthy smile with various options for braces.

Options for Orthodontics

Due to advancements in orthodontics, there are now various options available for each member of your family. Together, we will find the preferred and effective course of treatment to correct your family’s smiles.

  • Traditional Braces–Traditional braces are the most common and effective form of treatment. By attaching metal wires and brackets to the teeth, the teeth are pulled into their correct positions. This option can be used to treat all bite and alignment issues effectively. We even offer WildSmiles Braces, which allow you to customize the brackets for a truly unique treatment.
  • Invisalign—Invisalign involves the use of clear plastic aligner trays, which are worn over the teeth. The nearly invisible treatment option is perfect for teens and adults who want a straight smile without metal braces.
  • 3M Self-Ligating Brackets—This treatment involves the use of elastics and ties to move the teeth, which provides faster results when compared to traditional braces. The brackets used are less noticeable and more comfortable, making it a preferred treatment option.
  • Lingual Braces—Lingual braces use the same method as traditional metal braces, with the exception the wires and brackets are attached to the backside of the teeth. This makes the treatment far less noticeable while still producing high-quality results.
  • Clear Braces—Clear braces are a form of traditional braces that use ceramic brackets for a less noticeable treatment. The brackets will match your enamel color so you can smile confidently without having to worry about the appearance of metal.

Get a Straight Smile Today

When one person in the family undergoes orthodontic care, you can now make it a family affair. The entire family will gain new confidence with a straight smile.