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Your Back to School Checklist from Your Children’s Orthodontist!

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Front of school busSchool is about to start! Summer seems to fly by faster and faster every year, right? You want to make sure you and your little one have everything together before the first day of classes, so to help you keep everything organized (because we know it’s a lot!), here is a handy checklist from your children’s orthodontist, Dr. Jeff Shirck.

1. It’s Time for New Clothes!

Your child is probably growing like a weed, so they likely need a new set of clothes for the upcoming school year. You can help them start off the new year with confidence thanks to a refreshed wardrobe!

2. Pick Up Their School Supplies!

The list of “required items” your child is going to need seems to get longer and longer every year, but if your child is going to use it, then you’re definitely going to get it! When you go to the store, this is also a good time to pick up new headphones and extra batteries.

3. Make Last Minute Appointments!

The summer is the best time for your child to visit us here at Shirck Orthodontics for a quick progress check and braces adjustment. They’ll get to choose a whole new set of colorful elastics, and they can even get their school colors to show off their spirit!

4. Last Minute Trips!

Summer may be ending, but it isn’t over! You still have time to make fond memories and see family from out of town or take a fun day trip to a park, lake, or river. Make the most of your free time while you still have some!

5. Set Those Alarms!

It’s a good idea to start getting up early a few days before school starts so you can be used to it by the time it actually begins. Trust us, this will make that first day rush much easier!

6. Time to Clean!

It might not be Spring, but now is a great time to clean the house before your children are gone during the day. It’ll go extra fast if everyone is working together!

Ready to Go?

This might seem like a lot, but you’ll be amazed at how much easier it’ll be to start the new year if you go through this entire checklist. You and your child will be rested, prepared, and you can have the peace of mind knowing that their smile is well taken care of. It’s tough to do anything extra during the hustle and bustle of the school year, so while you still have a few open days ahead of you, be sure to get everything together and make some time to come see us at Shirck Orthodontics!