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4 Summer Tips to Keep Your Smile Shining from an Orthodontist in Newark

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woman smiling in the summerSummer is finally here! It’s the time of the year everyone has been waiting for when it’s appropriate to break out the flip flops, swimsuits, and shades. In between sleeping in and enjoying all of the seasonal events, it’s important to remember that your teeth and gums still require consistent care. Daily routines usually change quite a bit during the summer months, and for some, this can mean that healthy dental habits quickly go by the wayside. To make sure your teeth stay as bright as the sun this summer, your orthodontist in Newark has put together 4 easy tips you can start using today!

Keep Brushing & Flossing

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease long-term, nothing does it better than routine brushing and flossing. It’s common for people to skip a day here or there during the summer, but maintaining a consistent oral hygiene routine will ensure that you’re able to show off your pearly whites with confidence all over Instagram.

Some key details to remember is that you should brush at least twice a day for two minutes each and floss once in the evening. Most people don’t brush for long enough (especially children), so you may want to set a timer so you don’t have to think about it!

Water is Your Best Friend

As the temperature continues to climb, staying hydrated is essential for both your oral and overall health. While it may be tempting to guzzle soda or brightly-colored sports drinks whenever you’re thirsty, these beverages are absolutely packed to the gills with sugar and acid that can literally erode your teeth over time.

If you want an occasional sweet treat, go right ahead and enjoy them, but 99% of the time, your best choice is water. In addition to helping you avoid excess sugar, regularly drinking water also gives your teeth a nice rinse, helping to break up harmful plaque and food particle deposits.

Smart Snacks

We all get hungry in between meals on summer trips, so it’s important to have snacks on hand so we’re not absolutely ravenous during the day. Instead of reaching for candy or starchy chips, try picking up an apple, a piece of celery, or maybe some plain yogurt. These snacks will help take the edge off of your hunger without exposing your teeth to large amounts of sugar. In fact, fibrous vegetables and items rich in calcium can actually help safeguard your smile by increasing saliva production (which naturally cleans your mouth) and introducing essential minerals to your teeth that will keep them nice and strong.

Don’t Forget Your Newark Orthodontist

If you’ve been thinking about getting braces or Invisalign for either yourself or your child, summer is the ideal time to do it! With plenty of lazy days ahead, it’s easy to schedule an appointment and adjust to any treatment well ahead of the school year.

This summer, be sure to have fun, but don’t forget about your smile as well, because nothing ruins a beautiful summer day like a toothache!

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