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4 Essential Summertime Tips for Braces

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young girl with braces in Powell eating watermelon

This summer is bound to be unlike any other, and whether you’re planning on enjoying a relaxing “stay-cation” at home or a few socially distanced gatherings, everyone definitely needs to blow off a little steam. Despite the uniqueness of 2020, summer can still be a troublesome time for those with braces in Powell, leading to mishaps that can easily add months to someone’s treatment. Fortunately, by keeping the following 4 tips in mind, orthodontic patients can take full advantage of the season without having to worry about their teeth.

Keep the Routine Going

Between school being out and the days becoming longer, it’s very easy for people’s routines to go out the window during the summer (if they haven’t already). For many, this means they may begin to skip or rush through brushing and flossing. This is a big mistake for those with braces, as the risk of oral health issues actually increases because the brackets and wires can trap plaque and food particles against the teeth. It’s extremely important that a patient sticks to a consistent oral hygiene routine that involves brushing twice a day for two minutes each and flossing at least once in the evening.

Watch Out for Summer Beverages

Soda, sports drinks, and juices are just a few of the delicious beverages people enjoy in greater quantities during the summer, and they are always welcome after being active in the warmer weather. Unfortunately, while these drinks taste great, they are usually overflowing with added sugar. Leftover sugar in your mouth is consumed by harmful oral bacteria, which in turn creates an acidic byproduct that can harm your teeth and cause cavities. You don’t have to completely avoid these beverages, but if you’re thirsty, it’s always best to just drink water.

Mind What You Munch

What is the quintessential summertime food? For many, it’s all manner of BBQ, whether you’re talking about ribs, brisket, sausages, turkey, chicken, and many other mouthwatering meats. What’s important to keep in mind is that many of these foods contain bones, and one errant bite can accidentally dislodge a bracket or wire. So, be sure to enjoy some BBQ this summer, but it’s recommended to remove any meat from the bone beforehand.

Put Together a Travel Kit

If you plan on making any trips this summer, be sure to hit the road with a kit that contains your toothbrush, floss, dental wax, and any other tools you use to clean your teeth and braces. Oral hygiene should follow you wherever you go!

It’s still possible to enjoy everything summer has to offer with braces, and with these handy care tips, you’ll be able to take full advantage while getting ever closer to your beautifully straight smile.

About the Author

As a father with 3 boys, Dr. Jeffrey Shirck looks forward to the summer as much as anyone. An award-winning orthodontist in Powell, he hopes all of his patients make the most of this time of year while also keeping their smiles in great shape. To get more daily braces tips, or learn more about starting orthodontic treatment, you can get in touch with our friendly team and schedule a FREE in-person consultation by clicking here.