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3 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time to Start Braces in Powell

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young girl with braces in pool Summer is the perfect time for your child to sit back, relax, sleep in, and…get braces? While visiting the orthodontist might not have been on your child’s “To Do” list this season, the summer months are actually the best time for them to start braces in Powell, and your child will actually appreciate it even if they resist at first. Here are just a few reasons why you should begin your child’s journey to a straighter smile before school starts:

More Time To Schedule Appointments

For parents, the one word that probably comes to mind during the school year is “busy,” so the idea of having to squeeze the multiple appointments necessary to get braces (including the consultation, having them put on, an immediate follow-up, etc.) into you and your child’s already packed schedules probably doesn’t sound ideal. During the summer, however, your child probably has more time than they know what to do with, so finding convenient days for these visits will be a breeze. You both won’t have to feel rushed, and your child won’t be worrying about homework when they should be listening to the orthodontist, helping their treatment start off as smoothly as possible.

It Allows Your Child to Adjust

Getting braces is a big change for a child. They may feel a little bit of pressure and discomfort the first few days, their smile will definitely look much different, and they’ll have to make changes to their diet and brushing routine. Some might even need to adapt their speech. Needless to say, this isn’t a process that can be completed over the typical weekend, and it’s certainly not something your child wants to deal with during first period! Children crave routine even if they fight it sometimes, and thanks to the naturally slower pace of summer, your child will be able to get used to every facet of their braces treatment without also contending with the typical stresses of school.

Better for Mental Health

After having braces placed on their teeth, some children could care less how they affect their appearance, while others care quite a lot. Allowing your child more time to get used to having braces around their friends and see themselves in the mirror will enable them to start the school year with more comfort and confidence, giving them one less distraction in a world full of them. Instead of thinking about people noticing their teeth, they’ll be able to concentrate in class and have fun with peers because they’ve had braces for months, so they’re no big deal.

While braces might not be the new trendy summer activity your child was looking forward to during the school year, it’s better for both them as well as yourself to begin treatment when they have the most time to do it. This will ensure their orthodontic journey starts off on the right foot, so by the time the school year rolls around, the last thing on your child’s mind will be their orthodontics.

About the Author

Since graduating from the Ohio State University, Dr. Jeffrey Shirck has become an award-winning orthodontist in Powell who provides a wide range of treatments for patients of all ages, including traditional braces, clear/ceramic braces, and Invisalign. Summer will be over before you know it, so if your child is ready to start braces, Dr. Shirck is happy to help and invites you to schedule a FREE consultation at his Powell office.