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WildSmiles Braces for Hebron

You’ve already decided that your child needs to get braces, but you don’t know how to tell them. Your fear is that they’ll hate the idea from the beginning, and it’ll just be a struggle the entire time they are getting treatment. With WildSmiles Braces for Hebron from Shirck Orthodontics, we inject a little fun into this tried and true treatment to make things much easier for both children and parents. Thanks to a level of customization not offered by any other treatment, your child will actually be able to have fun while getting the care they need. Want to know how it works? Simply read on to find out.

What Are WildSmiles Braces?

WildSmiles Braces are an orthodontic treatment that gives both parents and children exactly what they want. For parents, they get the peace of mind knowing that their child is using a tried and true treatment that has worked for decades. WildSmiles Braces uses the same principle as traditional braces: a set of brackets and wires applies gentle pressure to the teeth that slowly and gradually brings them into alignment. Most orthodontic treatments are based upon this approach, and the reason is simple: it works!

For children, they get to have a say in their treatment. They don’t just get metal braces, they get to customize their own unique orthodontic experience! It all starts with them choosing the shape of their brackets. No more boring squares! Instead, they can choose from brackets that are shaped like flowers, hearts, soccer balls, stars, footballs, and even diamonds!

And the choice doesn’t stop there! They can even choose the color of their elastics (which are the small rubber bands that keep the wires in place). These elastics will actually be changed during their regular progress checkups, so they can pick a different color every time if they want! This will help your child feel a small bit of control when it comes to their treatment, which trust us, will make everything go much smoother! Before they know it, the braces will be coming off and they’ll have a new, beautifully straight smile.

How Can I Get WildSmiles Braces?

If you think WildSmiles Braces would be perfect for your child, all you need to do is:

1. Show your child the different bracket shapes and have them choose their favorite.

2. Schedule a free consultation with Shirck Orthodontics. This will give you a chance to meet Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jen, or Dr. Soorya, and they’ll go over how their treatment will work and answer any questions you or your child might have.

3. Have your child tell their doctor which bracket shape they like, what color they want their elastics to be, and then they can begin their own special orthodontic journey!

Ready to Get a Wild Smile?

There are not many children who like to wear traditional braces, but we know plenty who just love their WildSmiles Braces. They feel like WildSmiles truly reflects who they are, and they just love getting a different color of elastics every month. Parents love them too because they can rest assured that they are doing the best they can for their child’s long-term oral health. With WildSmiles Braces, you can give your child a gorgeous smile and make sure they feel happy and confident at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about WildSmiles Braces or schedule your free consultation, simply contact our office today.

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