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TruDenta from Your Shirck Orthodontics Team

The Shirck Orthodontics team is dedicated to offering advanced techniques and technologies to assist patients in achieving a lifetime of healthy smiles. One of our recent additions is the TruDenta system. TruDenta combines state-of-the-art bite force and range of motion analysis technology, with a painless, effective treatment process. TruDenta is effective in determining whether a misaligned bite may be responsible for oral health concerns, headaches, jaw pain, and more.

What is TMJ Dysfunction?

One of the main uses for the TruDenta process is pain free treatment for those suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ/TMD). The TMJ are tiny joints that attach the jaw (mandible) to the skull (temporal bones). These joints dysfunction (TMD) for a number of reasons including strain, injury, and unconscious or excessive movement. TMD can be treated a number of ways, and many patients respond well to simple relaxation techniques, over the counter pain medication, and the use of ice packs. The results of severe TMD left untreated are a wide range of painful, uncomfortable side effects detrimental to oral health.

Common Symptoms of TMD

The TruDenta System

TruDenta is an evaluation and treatment planning system. It is not one tool or technique, but a combination of numerous beneficial assessment and relief technologies to offer patients pain free, minimally invasive treatment for TMJ and other joint, muscle, or functional disorders that may or may not be connected to oral health. The first step in the process is to determine underlying causes of TMJ and other dysfunctions, and then, offer progressive, pain relieving therapies.

How an Orthodontist Uses TruDenta

At Shirck Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer treatment for our patients utilizing this unique system. Many people who seek orthodontic correction for misaligned bite also experience pain related to years of chewing and speaking with a jaw that is not in its ideal position. The orthodontic correction of misaligned bite with braces and oral appliances is one way that we cure the underlying cause of concerns working in conjunction with precise results of the TruDenta assessment process.

Find Out More

If you’ve experienced significant or constant facial pain, contact the Shirck Orthodontics team to schedule a consultation today. We use the unique TruDenta system to examine your face and jaw structure, and create a personalized treatment plan with or without orthodontic treatment to relieve pain, correct bite alignment, and help patients smile comfortably.

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