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WildSmiles Braces—Powell, OH

Orthodontic Care with Personality

mother & daughter playing video games

At Shirck Orthodontics, we strive to fully tailor our care for every patient. That way, we can not only help people straighten their teeth in the most effective way possible, but enjoy the experience along the way as well. If you have a young child who could benefit from orthodontic treatment, we’re ready to offer a trusted option that has a little fun injected into it. With WildSmiles metal braces in Powell, we can not only give your child a beautifully straight smile, but help them express themselves along the way, too.

What’s So Special About WildSmiles?

mother and daughter smiling

WildSmiles uses the same reliable method as traditional metal braces to align the teeth and fix crooked bites. A specially bent wire is placed along each row of teeth that guides them into their new positions using slight pressure, and they are held in place using brackets bonded to each tooth. This approach utilizes the underlying principle of all orthodontic treatments, meaning if your child gets WildSmiles, we can guarantee gorgeous results.

So how are they different from regular braces? Instead of plain square brackets, your child gets to choose from a variety of whacky shapes, including flowers, hearts, soccer balls, footballs, stars, and even diamonds. The only difference between these brackets and regular ones is their shape, so you don’t have to worry about it effecting your child’s treatment.

Why Kids Love WildSmiles

  • Personality: Most children aren’t exactly thrilled when they hear that they are going to need braces. Most are afraid that the process will either hurt or they’ll be made fun of at school. Well, not only is getting WildSmiles painless, but thanks to the various bracket shapes, many children actually end up feeling excited about beginning treatment. We’ve heard endless stories about young patients rushing to school so they can show off their teeth.
  • Control: Every parent knows that if you allow your child to feel like they are in control of a situation, this makes them much happier and easier to handle. WildSmiles gives your child a choice when it comes to their treatment, helping them feel like they are a part of it rather than having something “done” to them.
  • Confidence: Young patients tell us all the time about how they get complimented on their braces, boosting their confidence so they can smile with ease every moment of their treatment.

Is WildSmiles Right For Your Child?

young sisters with braces

If you’re thinking about getting braces for your child, we recommend scheduling a FREE consultation here at Shirck Orthodontics. During this appointment, their orthodontist in Powell will examine their teeth, discuss their treatment options, and answer any questions you might have. If regular braces are a good fit (which they are for most patients), then WildSmiles braces will likely work as well. We can even let your child choose their bracket shape at this appointment so they can be enthusiastic about beginning their treatment.

WildSmiles is the kind of treatment that makes both parents and children happy, and now you can get started for FREE. To learn more about this treatment and schedule your complimentary consultation, contact us today.

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