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How Often Should I See My Orthodontist in Newark, OH?

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Your orthodontist in Newark, OH.After you have made the commitment to straighten your teeth with your orthodontist in Newark, OH, you will need to continue to see your orthodontist during your treatment. However, the frequency needed can vary depending on the type of braces in Newark, OH that you choose. Throughout your treatment, you will need to continue to schedule regular appointments, as well as follow-up appointments periodically after treatment.

Why Do I Need Follow-Up Care?

After you have made the choice to straighten your teeth, you will need regular appointments to make adjustments and monitor your treatment. If you have chosen metal braces, you will need to visit the orthodontist about every 6 to 8 weeks. It is important for the orthodontist to adjust your wires to help move your teeth. Make sure to visit your orthodontist on a schedule to help ensure the progression of your treatment is timely.

What Can I Expect During Follow-Up Care?

During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Shirck will check your progress. He will also replace the elastic ties and change the wires when using traditional braces. If needed, he may recommend elastic bands to correct an overbite or underbite. The entire process only takes about 20 minutes on average.

For those who have chosen Invisalign, you will not need follow-up care as often because you are able to progress through your aligners at home. However, you will still need to schedule an appointment about every 10 weeks. We will check to ensure your aligners are correctly moving the teeth according to your treatment plan and give you, your additional trays.

How Long Will I Need Treatment?

The length of time your orthodontic treatment takes is based on several factors, such as the type of orthodontic treatment used and the severity of your bite and alignment issues. On average, treatment using traditional braces can take one to three years. For those with Invisalign, treatment time is generally shorter. In as little as 12 months, your Invisalign treatment may be complete.

After your treatment is finished, you will need a retainer, which you will receive about a week after your braces are removed. You will wear your retainer to prevent your teeth from moving back into their previous positions. At this point, you will need to visit the orthodontist less often. You will need a follow-up appointment three months after receiving your retainer. You will have your final follow-up appointment one year later. However, if your retainer becomes damaged or needs repaired, you will need to schedule an appointment.

Where Can I Get Braces?

If you are ready to straighten your smile, Shirck Orthodontics offers several options to straighten your teeth and convenient locations. After performing a consultation, we will discuss your treatment options, which may include traditional metal braces, Invisalign, Lingual braces, or one of our other several treatments available.

Start your journey to a straight smile by scheduling your appointment today.