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Invisalign® Teen

Certified Invisalign Teen Premier Provider for Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark & Powell

Dr. Shirck treating patient

As a busy teenager, you want to look and feel your best during this time of your life. You've got a lot of other things to worry about, like friends, dates, football games, and school dances. It would all be so much easier if you felt confident about your smile, but your teeth are definitely crooked and crowded, so you often feel like you need to hide them. You just wish you could get them straightened. At the same time, however, you also don't want to have a mouthful of metal braces.

Fortunately, Shirck Orthodontics can give you everything you need with Invisalign Teen. With Invisalign Teen, you won’t have to sacrifice your self-confidence as you move towards a beautiful new smile. That's because Invisalign Teen doesn't use brackets and wires. Instead, this special system uses a series of clear, custom-made aligner trays. Wearing Invisalign trays, you’ll be able to get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted without worrying about your appearance.

The Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Teen boy smiling in dental chair

The trays for Invisalign Teen aren't just clear. They're also:

  • Removable, which makes cleaning and eating that much easier
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Custom-made to fit your unique features

All of this translates into a more enjoyable treatment process. For instance, with traditional braces, there are certain foods you would have to avoid because of what they could do to the brackets and wires. But with Invisalign Teen, you can enjoy an unrestricted diet. What's more, you can also take your trays out to brush and floss. That ensures that your teeth can get the daily care they need. With traditional braces, by comparison, teeth can be much harder to clean, increasing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

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Enjoy Your Life while Gaining a Beautiful Smile

Do you want to know if Invisalign Teen is right for you? Ask your parents to schedule a FREE consultation with Shirck Orthodontics in Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark, or Powell. During your appointment, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jen, or Dr. Soorya will complete a thorough oral exam and talk to you about your needs and goals. If Invisalign Teen is right for you, we'll get right to work on your personalized treatment plan.

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