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Invisalign Teen

Get Straight Teeth Without Braces!

Your parents keep telling you to listen to them, but when was the last time they actually listened to you? It’s been decades since they were teenagers, and they have absolutely no clue how life works these days. You can’t imagine them trying to deal with the constant onslaught that is social media. Your picture shows up online ALL. THE. TIME. So when they tell you that you need to get braces, they just don’t understand what it can do to you. Sure, you’d love to have straighter teeth and get rid of some noticeable gaps, but you can’t imagine seeing literally HUNDREDS of pictures of yourself with a mouthful of metal online for years to come. It just can’t happen, but they’re insisting you get your teeth straightened now, so what can you do? Fortunately, your orthodontist in Heath at Shirck Orthodontics can give you exactly what you AND your parents are looking for: Invisalign Teen.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is the new way people straighten their teeth. Rather than using noticeable brackets and wires like with braces, it uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligner trays. You simply wear each set of trays (one for your top and bottom teeth) for about 2 weeks for 22 hours a day, and then you move on to the next one. After you’ve worn the entire series, your smile will be beautifully straight. That’s right! You can get the treatment your parents say you need without the train track smile!

Invisalign Teen vs. Metal Braces

OK, so Invisalign Teen sounds great, but how does it compare to metal braces? You know your parents are going to ask. Fortunately, it stacks up quite well:

  • Appearance: The trays are practically invisible on the teeth (!), meaning you can go about your day without having distracting braces in your mouth.
  • Removable: You can take the trays out whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth. That way, you can keep them clean and not worry about damaging them.
  • Comfortable: The smooth plastic of the trays will fit seamlessly over your teeth and against your gums.
  • Speed: Your parents should love this one: often, Invisalign Teen can actually work faster than traditional orthodontics.

Why Parents Like Invisalign Teen

So far, this all sounds perfect. Your appearance will be untouched, it’s comfortable, it works fast…but you still need something else to convince your parents that it’s the right treatment for you. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Firstly, with each set of trays, you’ll get 6 extra ones in case you lose or break any of them. Yes, you probably won’t need them, but this will make your parents feel more comfortable.

Plus, if they need to know that you’re actually wearing your trays, each one has a small blue dot on it that gradually fades as you wear it. Once it’s gone, it’s time for your new tray! That way, you won’t have to keep up with the time in your head and your parents can rest assured that you’re actually using the treatment. These are the kinds of things that will make them much more likely to let you get Invisalign Teen, trust us!

And One More Thing…

Your parents are bound to have questions, so be sure to mention that they can get a FREE consultation with Shirck Orthodontics. They’ll get to meet Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jen, or Dr. Soorya, and they can ask all the silly questions they like. After that, you can start getting a straighter, more beautiful smile without having to deal with metal braces. Everybody wins!

All you need to do is ask your parents to contact us today! Now, as a reward for reading this entire page, check out this video: Enjoy!

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