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Invisalign Near Hebron, OH is Your Clear Path to a Straighter Smile!

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When you see a picture of yourself, do you always notice your crooked teeth first? Do you try to hide them whenever you meet someone new? Are they always on your mind when you’re out and about in the world? If so, it’s time to get them straightened, but if you’re already self-conscious about your teeth, why bring more attention to them by getting metal braces? That just seems to make things worse! Thankfully, you now have another option: Invisalign near Hebron, OH. This new approach to orthodontics is perfect for adults who want to straighten their teeth while preserving their natural appearance.

Wait, What is Invisalign?

So how can you straighten your teeth without using metal brackets and wires? Well, it’s quite simple really. Invisalign actually uses a progressive series of clear plastic aligner trays to gradually bring the teeth into alignment. Each one applies gentle pressure to the teeth, and as you move along in the series, your smile will only get straighter and straighter. All you have to do is wear each tray for about two weeks, and that’s it! It’s just that easy. Before you know it, you’ll be eager to show your smile to friends and strangers alike!

Invisalign vs. Braces

Sure, Invisalign sounds like it might be perfect for you, but is it really? What is the catch? How does it compare to traditional braces? Quite well, actually:

  • Better Look: The trays are barely visible while they are on the teeth, meaning you’ll be able to subtly straighten your smile while no one else notices.
  • More Comfort: The smooth plastic trays fit easily into the mouth, so you won’t have to deal with cuts and scrapes on your lips and cheeks braces often cause.
  • Removable: That’s right, Invisalign is completely removable, even while you’re undergoing treatment! The trays just slide on and off your teeth. This means you can take them out whenever you need to eat or brush your teeth, so you won’t have to alter any of your daily habits while getting that perfect smile.
  • Faster: Invisalign can often work faster than traditional orthodontics, and because you won’t have to make frequent visits to your orthodontist near Hebron, OH to have them adjusted, you’ll save time and money as well.

Invisalign with Shirck Orthodontics: How We’re Different

So you’re all excited about Invisalign, but getting orthodontic treatment is quite a commitment, so you want to make sure you’re doing it right. We completely understand, which is why our own Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jen are actually Invisalign Premier Providers. This means they have each received special training to use it, so they’ll be able to make extra sure that you’ll look great while your teeth are being efficiently straightened. Of course, we’re sure you have questions, and we want you to ask all of them! This is why your first consultation is free. There will be no pressure at this meeting, it’ll just be a time for you to ask about Invisalign and let one of our doctors talk about how it will work for you. Should you choose to begin Invisalign with us, we’ll even throw in a free whitening treatment to say thank you. This is the kind of service you simply can’t find anywhere else, and we invite you to come experience it!

Ready For a Straighter Smile?

If you’re ready to finally have the straighter smile you’ve always wanted (and look great while getting it), then come see us at Shirck Orthodontics. We have helped thousands of smiles with Invisalign, and yours could be next! Simply contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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