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Hidden Lingual Braces

All the Benefits, None of the Drawbacks

The goal of lingual braces is to give patients an orthodontic treatment that is ultimately the most cosmetically-focused option available in the market today. Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jen, or Dr. Soorya will use custom-made brackets affixed to the inside of your teeth instead of the outside as with traditional braces. The customized brackets will reduce the potential of scratching your tongue as well as any other potential discomfort.

Unlike with the Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, any type of orthodontic case can be treated with lingual braces, and a patient does not have to be committed to wearing trays in their mouth for 22 hours a day. What’s more, lingual braces will not be noticeable to friends, family, or co-workers. No one but you and your doctor will ever have to know you're wearing braces! Lingual braces are a great alternative for adult patients and anyone who wants to get a beautiful, straight smile without ever having to deal with the look or hassles of traditional braces.

Contact our Pataskala, New Albany, Westerville, Newark, or Powell office today to schedule a FREE consultation. We can’t wait to provide you with warm, personalized care that leaves you feeling completely satisfied with your pearly whites. We also serve the areas of Sunbury, Alexandria, Granville, Johnstown, Blacklick, Reynoldsburg, and beyond.

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