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Delta Dental Orthodontist—Columbus, OH

The Home of Your Delta Dental Orthodontist

father, young son, and Delta Dental orthodontist in Columbus, OH

If you have dental insurance with Delta Dental, whether it’s through your employer or a private plan, then you can use it to save here at Shirck Orthodontics! We pride ourselves on making paying for orthodontic treatment nice and easy, and we are able to accept several Delta Dental plans. To learn more about using your policy with us, just read the short page below, or you can always give us a call for questions.

Learn More About the Benefits of Delta Dental for Orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontics, Delta Dental covers these types of services a little differently compared to other dental treatments. Each person on a plan is entitled to what is called a “lifetime benefit,” which is a set amount of money that can be put toward orthodontic treatment. Once this money is spent, it’s gone for good. Fortunately, the amount is usually enough to cover a significant portion of any costs. 

Delta Dental Coverage Availability & Fees

For Delta Dental of Ohio, orthodontic coverage falls under EHB, or Essential Health Benefits. As such, insurance plans are required to offer coverage for people up to age 19, and it typically can only be used for traditional metal braces. Orthodontic care must also be deemed “medically necessary,” as in the treatment will be used to improve someone’s oral health and function (not just their appearance).

As far as the amount of coverage for orthodontics, this can vary from plan to plan and be influenced by several factors. Fortunately, when it comes to determining this amount and getting the right approvals, our team can take care of this for you.

Meet Sydney & Blayre  

Sydney and Blayre are Treatment Coordinators, and they are ready to answer all of your questions when it comes to paying for orthodontic treatment. They will ensure you understand your coverage and can even help you select a payment plan if necessary. They have been with our office for years and are very familiar with the specific details of Delta Dental, so you can trust that they’ll help you get what you need while staying on budget!

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