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Get the Best with Clear Braces in Hebron, OH

Closeup smile with clear braces

The first thing people usually think about when it comes to braces is how much they stick out in a person’s smile. This is a big reason many avoid getting them despite really wanting straighter teeth. Fortunately, they now have a perfect alternative that can give them the same reliable results without affecting their appearance. That solution is…wait for it… clear braces in Hebron, OH!

Wait, What Are Clear Braces?!

We’re so glad you asked! Clear braces give you all of the benefits of traditional braces without altering your natural appearance. How do they do that?

The brackets and wires, instead of metal, are made of a clear ceramic that enables them to seamlessly blend into your smile. The end result is that you can get the quality orthodontic care you need without having to worry about what you’ll see in the mirror. It’s the best of both worlds for adults and teenagers alike!

But How Do They Actually Work?

Clear braces work the same way as traditional ones. Brackets are placed onto the teeth, they’re linked together using a wire, and this wire is looped through rings placed around the back teeth. This applies a gentle pressure, and after enough time, it brings the teeth into the perfect alignment. You’ll need to come in to get them adjusted every few weeks, and these visits will also give Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jen the chance to check on your progress.

In order to help your treatment go as quickly as possible, you’ll be asked to adjust your diet and oral hygiene slightly, but don’t worry, these will just be subtle changes! Clear braces typically take less time than traditional ones to straighten teeth, so that means you’ll get to enjoy your new, improved smile even sooner!

Why You Should Get Clear Braces with Us

At Shirck Orthodontics, we do a few things differently than other offices. Firstly, we don’t keep you waiting! When you come to see us, you’ll be back in the treatment room with your doctor in 5 minutes or less. Also, there is no pressure to start treatment right then and there. You’ll have all the time you need to think about it and get your questions answered. Plus, did we mention that this first consultation is free? When you come to see us, we’ll always treat you like a member of the family, and that means no pressure and no sales pitch.

Even better, we do not charge any extra for clear braces. Most other offices will add hundreds of dollars to the fee just to allow you to get the treatment you want. How rude! We always put your needs ahead of ours, so if you choose to go with clear braces, they’ll be the same price as traditional ones. In fact, we’ll even provide you a free athletic mouthguard when you begin treatment!

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to come see your orthodontist near Hebron, OH at Shirck Orthodontics. Dr. Jeff, Dr. Jen, or Dr. Soorya will give you a short exam to make sure clear braces are the right treatment for you, and after that, it’s time to start getting your new smile!

If you’d like to know more about clear braces or want to schedule your FREE first consultation, simply contact our office today. We can’t wait to serve your smile!

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