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The Keys to Stress-Free Travel with Invisalign

November 28, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 4:04 pm
young man packing a suitcase

The holidays are in full swing, and for many people, this means they will be traveling in the near future. Travel, whether by air or car, is always a little stressful, and this is especially true given current events. Hitting the road can be even more complicated if you’re using Invisalign in Westerville, but the team at Shirck Orthodontics has thought ahead for you. Here are 4 tips that will make traveling with Invisalign nice and easy so you have one less thing to worry about!


“What Happens if I Don’t Get Braces?”

November 24, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 3:21 pm
young woman with braces wearing beanie

One of the first questions many people ask when their dentist or orthodontist tells them that they need braces is, “What if I don’t get braces?” This is perfectly understandable, as many people think that straightening their teeth will only make their smile look better. While this is certainly the case, there are many, many ways someone can benefit from orthodontics beyond cosmetics, and in fact, avoiding treatment can often lead to much bigger problems down the road. Read on below to learn about some of the issues that can develop if you avoid getting braces in Westerville.


Top 5 FAQs About Clear/Ceramic Braces

November 19, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 1:22 pm
young woman with clear braces

It might sound strange to say, but now is the best time to be alive if you have crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth. Why? Because patients have so many effective options for straightening them! While the most popular tend to be metal braces or Invisalign, an often-overlooked treatment is clear/ceramic braces in Westerville. These offer a few unique benefits that you just can’t get with other treatments, and to help you learn a little more about them, the team at Shirck Orthodontics has answered some of our most popular questions about them below!


Your Invisalign Holiday Survival Guide

November 10, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 4:04 pm
young smiling woman holding Invisalign tray

For many people, the holiday season is a time where their daily routine goes out the window thanks to various parties, trips, and get-togethers with family. Of course, 2020 has already disrupted normal life for most of us! The holidays still present some unique challenges if you’re currently using Invisalign, and it’s easy for many patients to get off track because of all the festivities. Thankfully, Shirck Orthodontics has you covered with our Invisalign Holiday Survival Guide. Here are 4 essential tips to ensure nothing throws off your journey toward a straighter smile.  


Why the End of the Year Is the Perfect Time to Start Invisalign Treatment

November 3, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 4:00 pm
young smiling woman holding Invisalign tray

And just like that, it is already Holiday Season 2020. For some people, this year flew by, and for others, it felt like a decade. While 2020 might feel like it’s over, there is still plenty of it left, and this is actually an ideal time to begin an Invisalign treatment if you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth (and avoid metal braces). Why? That’s exactly what we’re going to explain in today’s blog!


Braces-Friendly Halloween Treats for 2020

October 26, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 11:58 am
a lot of Halloween candy

This Halloween is guaranteed to be unlike any other, but if you’re a parent, there is one thing that’s still guaranteed: your child will inevitably be overwhelmed with sweet treats. Whether from regular trick-or-treating or a socially distanced gathering, Halloween presents a particularly risky time for children with braces because so many kinds of candy can easily dislodge brackets or become stuck in wires. So, what are the safest types of candy to eat with braces? A local orthodontist is happy to help by sharing the list below.


Should My Child Get Braces on Their Baby Teeth?

October 22, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 2:32 pm
closeup of braces with baby teeth

Quite a few parents who come to see us are confused because their child’s dentist has recommended that they receive braces, but they still have most of their baby teeth. What is the point of straightening them if they are just going to fall out? While this approach might seem counterintuitive, applying braces to the baby teeth is a relatively common orthodontic practice, and it offers several benefits for children. How does it work? Find out more in today’s blog.


Should You Use an Old Retainer If Your Teeth Have Moved?

October 15, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 3:01 pm
person holding blue retainer

Right after finishing an Invisalign treatment, patients are asked to wear a retainer so their newly shifted teeth will stay in place. Of course, not everyone follows their orthodontist’s directions, and often, retainers end up in a bathroom cabinet and are forgotten. This can lead to the teeth misaligning again in the future, and many patients believe they can fix it by wearing their old retainer. Does this work? Are there potential risks? What should someone do if their old retainer doesn’t fit? We answer these questions and more in today’s blog.


Is it Possible to Get Cavities During Invisalign Treatment?

October 8, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 2:24 pm
young man holding Invisalign tray

It’s easy to see why millions of people have chosen to straighten their teeth with Invisalign instead of metal braces. It’s discreet, comfortable, and the trays cover your teeth and protect you from cavities, right? While those first two points are true, the last one is not! It is still possible to get cavities during Invisalign, but fortunately, preventing this from happening (and getting help if it does) is relatively easy.  


3 Helpful Tips for National Orthodontic Health Month!

October 1, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — Dr. Jeffrey Shirck @ 12:41 pm
smiling teenage girl with braces

When most people think of October, images of trees with beautiful orange and yellow leaves come to mind, or maybe they become excited about all the festivities that surround Halloween. But, it is also National Orthodontic Health Month, a time when dental professionals, teachers, and parents take a little extra time to share important information about this specific type of dentistry. If you have a child in braces (or who is about to start), or you’re currently using Invisalign yourself, here are a few helpful tips that will make the journey toward a straight and beautiful smile as smooth as possible.

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